Altrusa International Inc District Nine 
The 2012 Fall Leadership Event

Fall Leadership Event Attendees:
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The District Nine Board of Directors hosted the Fall Leadership Event at the Inn on Barons Creek in beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas from 9:00am to 12:30pm, Saturday November 10, 2012.   The Keynote Speaker was Suzie Humphreys,


Stonewall Head Start Inc.

District Nine Altrusans assisted the Stonewall Head Start Program in Fredericksburg during the November 10th Fall Event by donating new or gently used pre-school age books (can be English or Spanish), preschooler size crayons and markers, and glue. Altrusans collected approximately 500 items and over $100 to give to the Stonewall Head Start.

“In the Hill Country of Texas, a unique experiment in early education lit a spark that flared into a roaring success nationwide. Head Start, whose mission was to provide early education to special needs and low income children, opened its doors in Stonewall in 1965. The birth of the educational program was announced in May of that year by LBJ, who declared at its inception that with the assistance of Head Start, “poverty’s children would not forevermore be poverty’s captives.”

So began this highly successful, life changing education for disadvantaged youngsters. With a name chosen by educators who understood the achievement boost that separated more affluent students from their lower socio-economic peers, Head Start was charged with bridging the gap for children of poverty.

In 1998, Head Start was expanded to full day and full year instruction. Services grew to include medical and dental screenings, in addition to quality early education. Parenting classes assisted mothers and fathers, providing structure for disorganized families.

More than four decades later, Stonewall, Harper, and Fredericksburg continue to serve a total of 133 children, although recent cuts to the program have left a shortfall between government funding and local needs.” (Published in the February 2012 issue of the Hill Country\Current.)







Altrusans collected school supplies
for Stonewall Head Start.


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